Our mission is to restore, maintain, and protect the Sausal Creek Watershed. We educate future generations, involve the community in local environmental stewardship, and collaborate with agencies and other nonprofits to have a positive impact on the local ecosystem.
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It's nearly time for SOD Blitz 2022, the citizen science monitoring program led by the U.C. Berkeley Forest Pathology and Mycology Laboratory that detects disease and identifies areas for proactive management of our oak trees. We encourage you to get out there and monitor in the Sausal Creek Watershed!

The East Bay sampling dates are May 21-23. To get started, check out the SOD Blitz website, watch the short training video, and simply sign up.


Click here for Piedmont-Montclair-Glenview and Joaquin Miller Park-Shepherd Canyon sampling area maps from the U.C. Berkeley lab. The colored icons identify trees already sampled. Volunteers can use these maps as a broad indication of where to go. Resampling of trees previously sampled is strongly encouraged.

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Thank you for joining us for the 2022 State of the Watershed! You can view all the slides from our presenters here.


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