Support our Work in the Watershed

We’re an ambitious organization that stretches its budget as far as it will possibly go. We have just three employees, who do all the heavy lifting of organizing volunteers, conducting workdays, interfacing with agencies, growing the plants, keeping the books, administering the grants, and providing the professional expertise we need to be able to do everything else. 


How much did we accomplish last year?

  • Led 64 school field trips and service learning projects, educating 1,700 students in habitat restoration, pollution prevention, water quality monitoring, and environmental stewardship

  • Recruited over 5,000 volunteers at 20 restoration and propagation sites for a total of 13,000 volunteer hours

  • Planted 3,000 native plants

  • Printed 50,000 copies of our ever-popular trail map to distribute to hikers and park users

  • Conducted dozens of walks and talks throughout the watershed

  • Managed and guided our largest project to date—the Dimond Canyon Erosion Control Project—from design and permitting to construction

  • Conducted bird monitoring events and coliform sampling of the creek


But are we making a tangible impact?

Economists at Oregon State University and Claremont McKenna College published a study (October 2018) in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showing that the presence of nonprofit watershed groups (like FOSC) “resulted in lower dissolved oxygen deficiency and higher proportions of swimmable and fishable water bodies. Increased donations to and expenditures by the groups also improved water quality.”

Your donations really do matter! And FOSC is very effective.


In Fall 2018, we won the Leadership Award at the Alameda County Watershed Confluence conference recognizing our significant and outstanding contributions to the health of watersheds and waterways.


We look to the local community for a consistent stream of income we can count on to pay the bills. For example, $25 buys five pairs of work gloves, $100 pays the cost of leading a half-day workday, $400 funds one issue of our monthly newsletter.

If you’ve donated in the past, please consider increasing your donation, perhaps even doubling it. One of the best ways is to become a monthly donor, giving $20 or $30 a month or more if you can afford it. Do you work for a company with a charitable giving program or matching program? Do you take a mandatory IRA withdrawal you don’t have an immediate need for?

Every donation makes a difference. Thank you for your support!

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