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How you can support Sausal Creek for the long run

We know that annual donation drives can only go so far, so we’re working hard to create a long-term funding source for protecting the watershed far into the future. Long-term, stable organizations that have a maximum impact have predictable funding. That’s why the board and staff created an endowment called the For the Future (FTF) fund.

The FTF fund is overseen by a five-member endowment committee elected by FOSC’s board of directors. Our goal is to seed the fund and create a self-sustaining principal. We’re proud to announce that we’ve met our short-term goal of $100,000 in principal. While this may sound like a lot, our goal is protecting the principal through stable investments and only using a portion of the interest and dividend earnings for operations. But we need your help.

Wayne Kirchoffer presents a $36,000 legacy gift from

Edgar W. Pye to FOSC leadership in September 2012 to start the FTF fund.

The FTF fund can accept contributions and gifts in the form of unrestricted cash, stocks, bonds, and real estate, as well as LLP and LLC shares and other unusual assets. Give a gift to FOSC in honor or in memory of a loved one. Mark a special occasion such as a wedding, graduation, or birthday with a gift to the FTF fund to a cherished family member or friend! We will send a gift announcement to the honoree on your behalf.

We encourage donors to give to both the annual drives and also the endowment fund to maximize their impact. While collectively we’ve accomplished a lot, we still have a lot to do. The creek is re-emerging as a community centerpiece. The benefits and enjoyment of nature are no longer far away, but right here in our own backyards.
For more information on contributing to the fund or making other types of legacy gifts, please contact Executive Director Lisa Giordano at or 510-501-3672. We’re happy to sit down and talk, or even go for a walk in the watershed.

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