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Fern Ravine Creek, located in Joaquin Miller Park near Sequoia Arena, is an ecologically diverse and productive transition zone where oak woodland, shrub-scrub, grassland, wetland, and redwood forest ecosystems meet. 

Since producing the Fern Ravine Restoration Plan in 2010, FOSC has led numerous community workdays and field trips to remove invasive, nonnative species and revegetate the area with native plants. We have also installed a split rail fence to keep park users on trail and protect the redwood understory.

In April 2015 two picture posts were installed around Fern Ravine—one near the wetland and one in the redwood forest understory. Picture posts help us create a time-lapse sequence of photos that will document the evolution of the park environment throughout the year and for years to come.

Next time you are at Fern Ravine near the Sequoia Arena, take a few pictures and contribute to the ongoing monitoring efforts!


See pictures that others have contributed: 

Redwood Understory Pictures

Wetland Pictures


Directions to Fern Ravine


FOSC vignettes from the Oakland Museum of California's renovated Gallery of California Natural Sciences

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