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Since 2010, a dedicated group of volunteers has been clearing trash at the mouth (or outlet) of Sausal Creek at Fruitvale Bridge Park. Key features at this important connection point with the San Francisco Bay Estuary include a mudflat with tidal marsh vegetation, a large gravel bar popular with birds, a fishing pier, and peregrine falcons that tend to their nests on the Fruitvale Bridge.

Fruitvale Bridge Park is on the Bay Trail, so if you keep an eye out for the FOSC logo as you ride along the shoreline near Fruitvale Avenue, you will see the mouth of Sausal Creek. FOSC hosts cleanup events at this site every Earth Day (April) and Creek to Bay Day (September). Please join us! For more information about this site, please contact Jill Sunahara at

FOSC vignettes from the Oakland Museum of California's renovated Gallery of California Natural Sciences

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