FOSC Supports Measure FF on the November 2018 Ballot
Measure FF seeks to continue the $1 per month tax homeowners currently pay for wildfire prevention and improvements in the East Bay Regional Parks. FOSC supports this measure.
The EBRPD uses scientific methods to plan and prioritize its vegetation management efforts, the kind of plan Oakland is just now in the process of developing. A wildfire in the parks, as we all know, will likely not be limited to the parks, so prevention efforts there are crucial. 
Twenty-two percent of FF funds are devoted to fire hazard management. The rest are for park improvements and things like erosion control, redwood conservation, watershed protection, and habitat restoration. 
There have been some false or exaggerated claims about what the measure  contains that have mischaracterized the issue and the science. Claims of wholesale clear-cutting and hidden agendas are not grounded in reality. Some of the information attempts to co-opt the issue to create an argument over native plants vs. eucalyptus trees, which some groups have advocated for and have claimed are not fire-prone. 
The issue here has nothing to do with which plants you do or don’t like. In a Mediterranean climate, all vegetation will burn. Both native and non-native fuel loads must be evaluated for fire hazards and intelligently managed to reduce the chances of a wildfire becoming uncontrollable and catastrophic, as was the case in the East Bay hills in 1991. 
For these reasons, FOSC supports Measure FF.