Monitoring & Citizen Science

Bird Monitoring

Check the event calendar for the next quarterly bird monitoring date.
No experience is necessary. All skill levels welcome.
Since 2003, bird monitoring has been conducted on a quarterly basis. Participants start in the morning and hike for three to five hours near the creek, identifying and admiring the wealth of birds. Birds are observed and documented during a 10-minute "point count" at each location. Data gathered by FOSC bird monitors will be used to evaluate the impact of the Friends' restoration activities.
For more information,
​Mark Rauzon   I   #: 510-501-3672    @:

Aquatic Insect Monitoring

Frequent volunteer oppportunities. No experience necessary.
Insects found within a stream are indicators of the overall health of the aquatic habitat. Members of the aquatic insect monitoring team have been observing and learning about stream fauna within the watershed since early 1998. Thus, our data spans a period of 2.5 years prior to the 2001 channel restoration in Dimond Canyon.
Learn More:
Insects of the Sausal Creek Watershed
contributed by: Kathleen Harris
Total Impervious Surface and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Taxa
Pictures of Aquatic Insects in the Watershed
contributed by: Kathleen Harris
For more information contact:
Kathleen Harris  I   #: (415) 377-5576     @:

Water Quality Testing

Contact us if you are interested in volunteering with the water quality monitoring team, please contact
No experience necessary.
Our water quality monitoring team collects samples from six locations for five consecutive weeks during the wet season and the dry season. Samples are analyzed at the US Environmental Protection Agency's lab in Richmond.
Learn More:
  1. Background on Sausal Creek Water Quality Monitoring
  2. Standard Operating Procedure for Volunteer Monitoring of Surface Waters for Bacteria, USEPA Region 9
  3. Information on how dog waste affects creek water quality
Water Quality Analysis Between 1994-2014:
For data access or more information contact
Anna Marie  I    #: (510) 501-3672        @:
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