Pallid Manzanitas

The pallid manzanita (Arctostaphylos pallida) is the rarest plant in the Sausal Creek Watershed—a State-listed endangered and Federally-listed threatened plant.
Since 1998, volunteers have worked to ensure the survival of the two colonies of pallid manzanitas within the watershed through brush clearing, monitoring, and advocacy.
Pallid Manzanita Restoration Crew
Volunteers are asked to commit to working six days over the course of a year so we can train and retain people who will be knowledgeable about working with this vulnerable species.
To volunteer contact our Restoration & Nursery Manager at
Restoration Crew Work Days
9 a.m. to 12:00p.m. 
second Saturday of every month from May to November.

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Annual Report

FOSC has a five year commitment to monitor the Chabot Space and Science Center pallid manzanita colony and provide the California Department of Fish and Wildlife with an annual monitoring report.


This report includes:

  • a summary of implemented actions

  • performance criteria 

  • monitoring methods

  • locations sampled 

  • representative photographs

  • monitoring results and trends and

  • recommendations


See the Year 4 (2019) Annual Monitoring Report.

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