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Help us protect our rainbow trout!

We are lucky to still have a population of WILD rainbow trout living in Sausal Creek, and we all must work together to ensure their survival. The existence of the native trout are threatened by the many stresses the urban setting places on the Creek, including erosion and sedimentation, polluted runoff from yards and streets, illegal fishing*, off-leash dogs and their waste, and the trampling and loss of streamside vegetation by hiking, mountain biking, and other recreational activities.


It is exciting to hear from community members about their rainbow trout observations and counts in Sausal Creek. These exceed previous year findings and FOSC appreciates the community enthusiasm surrounding the presence of rainbow trout in the creek. It is through FOSC grass-roots volunteer efforts to restore and protect the habitat that this small population survives in the middle of an urban center. We have worked for 23 years to improve habitat conditions in and around the creek, yet these gains are fragile and can be easily undone by innumerable threats.  


If you are interested in learning more about the creek, we invite you to come out and volunteer with FOSC as we work to maintain and improve the health of the watershed and its inhabitants.  There are many ways to plug in. Scientific studies authorized by the State are needed to monitor the health of the fish, and to inform collective management decisions. Please contact and join us in our campaign to save rainbow trout in Sausal Creek.

In June 2020, FOSC staff and board released the Sausal Creek Wild Rainbow Trout Management Plan, detailing the threats and stressors affecting the health of the fish, and recommends actions necessary for decreasing and reversing the harmful effects of human activities, past and present, that continue to imperil the very existence of rainbow trout in Sausal Creek. The plan is available for your consideration here


*Fishing for rainbow trout in Sausal Creek is against California State Law regardless of whether the person(s) hold a valid fishing license. Any fishing activities should be reported immediately to CalTIP (Californians Turn in Poachers and Polluters). You can download the application on your phone, or call their toll-free 24/7 number directly: 1-888-334-CALTIP (888-334-2258).

For educational resources on wild salmonids, click here. 

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