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Passing the Baton

FOSC has passed its 20-year anniversary, which means we are now training the second generation of wildland stewards and need to plan for the third. Our education and internship programs have been heralded by teachers, parents, and students for immersing K-12 Oakland students in the natural world in a way no science class could. Most students from schools below I-580 have never been to Dimond Canyon, or hiked through Oakland’s redwoods, or witnessed a creek flowing freely through the forest. New scientific research is identifying the detrimental effects of “nature deficit disorder” in both children and adults—a condition our field trips seek to remedy. FOSC Intern Moises Alvarez says, “This position has allowed me to work with kids from underserved schools as I build my skills as an environmental educator. It’s amazing how interested and involved kids can be when they’re learning outside—they’re curious about everything!” That curiosity translates into an appreciation for the local environment that sticks. Last year, a former program participant who went on to study environmental science in college came back to visit and let us know that it all started with FOSC.


We need to continue and expand these programs, which means building new learning units, buying supplies and equipment, and, especially, hiring more interns and staff. Your support is crucial. Thank you for investing in the future of our students and our watershed.