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Sausal Creek’s Native Rainbows


They’re difficult to spot, but if you’re patient, and if the conditions are right, as you gaze into one of the pools in Dimond Canyon, you might see them. These rainbow trout don’t currently migrate like steelhead, though they undoubtedly did at one time before urbanization put up too many barriers for them to swim upstream. These direct descendants of the ancient fish that populated our creek adapted and have survived construction, pollution, pets, people, and other threats to their habitat and food supply.


All these threats are still very real, not to mention new threats, like the chloramine that filters our drinking water (Don’t let your hose run into the creek!) and kids and adults who think fishing would be a good idea (Illegal!!).


Thanks to FOSC board member and EPA fish specialist Rob Leidy, we’ve learned a lot about our native rainbows and their genetics and what a treasure they are. In 2018, we received a grant to develop a rainbow trout conservation and management plan. It’s aimed at guiding community information and outreach, habitat enhancement, and best management practices to help conserve the trout population in Sausal Creek and other urbanized watersheds. We need your financial support to implement this plan. Please be as generous as you can. We will all be richer for it.


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