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Aerial view of downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt. Photo credit: City of Oakland.a

We advocate for Oakland's environment.

Friends of Sausal Creek advocates locally to conserve, protect, and enhance the watershed and its vital resources. We are working closely with the City of Oakland to advance policies and legislation that support healthy, biodiverse ecosystems, increase access to and quality of public green spaces, and prevent harm and abuse of our parks and resources.

We are currently advocating for the active protection of rare plant species, restrictions on excessive recreation in sensitive natural areas, and science-informed conservation and ecological management practices for our public parks. 

Trail Map of Joaquin Miller Park

Joaquin Miller Park Master Plan Resolution

In June 1996, the City Council adopted the Open Space, Conservation, and Recreation (OSCAR) Element of the Oakland General Plan addressing the management of open land, natural resources, and parks in Oakland. The OSCAR Element called for the preparation and adoption of a Master Plan for Joaquin Miller Park to delineate conservation areas and activity areas, protect creeks and natural habitat, reduce fire hazards, and mark and maintain trails. Friends of Sausal Creek is calling on the City of Oakland to prepare the Master Plan and demarcate the boundaries of permanent Resource Conservation Areas across 280 acres in the park.

Footpath with fencing along Fern Ravine Creek in a redwood forest.

Fern Ravine Resource Conservation Area

Friends of Sausal Creek proposes that the City of Oakland designate the Fern Ravine Resource Conservation Area (RCA) across the 70-acre sub-basin encompassed by the 500-acre Joaquin Miller Park (Park), and calling for the City to prepare a Master Plan for the Park as pledged by the City Council when it adopted the Open Space, Conservation, and Recreation (OSCAR) Element of the General Plan in 1996.

Pallid manzanita leaves and flowers in bloom.

Pallid Manzanita Conservation

FOSC is calling for the expanded and active protection of the Pallid Manzanita through expanded research, improved park management and stewardship practices, disease testing, the installation of interpretive signage to engage and inform the public on stewardship, and more.

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