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Past successes include:

Pallid manzanita leaves and flowers in bloom.


The Pallid Manzanita colony at the Chabot Space and Science Center is one of FOSC’s greatest success stories.

Since beginning our restoration program in 2015, the population has rebounded from 3 struggling plants to 120 young, healthy individuals. Half of them fruited for the first time in 2022.

Fast-moving water in a narrow creek-bed in the redwood forest.


The Fern Ravine Natural Area is a model for redwood understory restoration in Oakland.

After we installed fencing and a footbridge to guide visitors, our native plantings are flourishing, ferns are re-emerging, and the complex layers of a healthy redwood forest are rebounding.

Volunteers planting native vegetation on denuded creek banks in Dimond Canyon


In 2001, FOSC partnered with the City of Oakland on a major project to restore two acres of riparian habitat along a stretch of Sausal Creek in lower Dimond Canyon.

The project resulted in a nearly 50% increase in native vegetation cover, and a dramatic increase in biodiversity in the area, and the creek banks have shown increased resistance to erosion.

Sausal Creek with fast moving water cascading over a rock weir.

Restore, enhance, protect.

FOSC works tirelessly to increase biodiversity, improve water quality, engage communities in environmental stewardship, and support wildlife within the Sausal Creek Watershed.

Icon: winding creek with native vegetation


Icon: leafy upright plant with strong roots


Icon: megaphone


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Community Partnerships

FOSC collaborates with local, state, and national organizations dedicated to climate resilience and community empowerment.  Here are just a few:

Small juvenile rainbow trout in water.

Trout Conservation Plan

Giant buckwheat plant in bloom in front of painted Jingletown mural wall.

Feasibility Study for the Lower Watershed

Fast-moving water in a narrow creek-bed in the redwood forest.

Fern Ravine Restoration Plan

Sausal Creek beneath a graffiti covered overpass at Barry Place.

Sausal Creek Watershed Enhancement Plan

Several large, mature oak trees at Dimond Park.

Dimond Park Oaks Survey


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